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Responsibility Towards Your Mental Health


Ensuring the stability of your mental health and emotional well-being is important so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. Mental health refers to your emotional, psychological and social well-being. It deeply affects how you think, feel and act. Experiencing prolonged issues with mental health can greatly affect your relationship with your loved ones and your quality of life. Many believe that declining mental health is part of the ageing process, but it need not necessarily be.

According to a research study by Roffey Park, 52 per cent of Singaporeans reported an increase in the level of workplace stress in 2016. Some of the major stressors at the workplace that was mentioned in the study included the lack of satisfactory balance between work and personal life, a large workload, and organisation politics.


When such stress persists, it can take a toll on your mental health. Here are some ways you can manage this:

Track and reflect
Track and reflect

Identify specific situations at work that create the most stress. Take some time to reflect on the way you responded to these stressors. Was it a passive or aggressive response? How could you have responded to it better? Most times, the way we respond to our stressors adds on to the pressure that we are already feeling.

Adopt healthy habits
Adopt healthy habits

Adopt some healthy habits to cope with the pressure and stress from work. For example, spend some time to go for a short stroll outdoors during your lunch break, or do simple breathing exercises to re-collect your thoughts and keep your mind healthy. It is ideal to detach yourself from work during lunch breaks and have a full, nutritious meal so that you will be re-energised to take on the second half of the day.

Fostering relationships
Fostering relationships

Work becomes more enjoyable when you have good relationships with your fellow colleagues. While amicable workplace relationships encourage teamwork, and make your time at work more meaningful and productive, it can also help to boost your morale. At the same time, being able to share your negative emotions with someone whom you trust at work can help take some weight off your chest.

Maintain relationships and networks
Set boundaries

How you define the line between work and personal life may vary from person to person. Nevertheless, it is important to set some boundaries between work and home to ensure that you still prioritise time for yourself to unwind and relax.

Just like your physical health, your mental health needs to be taken care of as well. Try out the steps mentioned above to manage stress experienced at work. After all, positive emotions and good mental health are key and important aspects to healthy ageing.

Programmes & Resources

SAGE Counselling Centre

SAGE Counselling Centre is jointly funded by the Ministry of Family and Social Development and National Council of Social Service via Community Chest. Their mission is to enhance the total well-being of the older persons and their caregivers with a special focus on the psychological and social aspects of their health.

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Seniors for Smart Nation by People’s Association

The People’s Association has a series of courses under its Seniors for Smart Nation programme which aims to equip older individuals with skills and information that can improve their quality of life. This includes lessons on how to use social media to stay connected with loved ones.

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