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Continued Contribution


Improving Effectiveness through Performance Reviews


The fundamental goal of a performance management system is to promote and improve employee effectiveness, and is applicable to all employees regardless of age. It not only enables you to confirm current performance levels, but also provide feedback, set performance goals and understand future career aspirations.

During the Performance Review,

Openly communicate with your employer

A performance review should be a two-way conversation between you and your manager. Work hand in hand with your employer and take part in discussions about your goals and plans for the future. These could include ongoing work options, phased retirement plans and to further develop skills.

Be receptive to feedback

Often, we come into our performance appraisal meeting feeling apprehensive. Throughout the process, it is crucial to remain receptive to feedback that can potentially help you improve at your job.

Work on the feedback

Work on the given feedback given and communicate frequently with your manager to check in on your progress. This can be done through brief, informal discussions throughout the performance review period.

After the Performance Review,

Keep up with the good performance

Continue to take pride in your work and be consistent with your performance. Avoid being complacent after the review. Having many years of prior experience should not result in complacency.

Continually upgrade your skills

Build on your current expertise and maximise your potential at every given opportunity. To learn more about skills upgrading, click here.

Be an active member of the team

Be proactive and involved in projects. Contribute meaningfully to the team and be a gracious member of the team.