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Continued Contribution

For Employees

Upskilling through Training & Development


Staying employable can be hard work regardless of age, in light of Singapore’s rapidly shifting professional landscape.

It is difficult to know exactly how the workplace will look like in another 10 years, so keeping yourself marketable and relevant is a constant process of self-evaluation, learning and adaptation that requires time and effort to see results. Therefore, it is important to stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude.

So, what can you do?

Having the right mindset

When was the last time you picked up a new skill or learnt something new?

Adopt a mindset that enables you to upskill continually, one that is willing to be engaged in learning new skills and investing in career development. For example, make it a point to pick up or improve on your skills regularly. Always try to keep your skills fresh to the best of your ability.

Building on existing skills

Rather than focusing on your job history, make a list of skills that you bring to your work and evaluate this from an employer’s perspective. What are your strengths and areas for development? How can you build on these strengths, and close the gaps? Be prepared to think out-of-the-box – what are the skills that you have that can be applied beyond your current industry? Spend some time evaluating your existing skills - you may find that you have more to offer than you give yourself credit for.

Consider picking up “horizontal skills”, which can be used across different industries and companies, and building these up based on your current expertise.

Tap on available programmes

As a nation that pushes for continuous and lifelong learning, there are programmes available to enhance your employability. Refer to the list of programmes and resources for training and development that you can look into.

Lifelong Learning

Singapore’s rapidly shifting professional landscape necessitates that workers continually focus on mastering new skills and updating current ones.

Ongoing learning and skill development is essential to surviving economic and technological disruption. Employees who are willing to continuously improve their skills through training and education will be able to adapt well to these changes. This journey is called lifelong learning.

By keeping up with latest trends, individuals can integrate into the workforce regardless of their age. The availability of programmes and resources available in Singapore has made it easier than ever to make a habit of lifelong learning.

Benefits of lifelong learning

Expand your horizons

When people are challenged to think outside the box, they can open up new and exciting opportunities for themselves and their companies. Having a new perspective and a refreshed mindset can also help individuals feel more satisfied in their jobs.

Meet new people

Individuals on course can meet others in fields unrelated to their own and have conversations on topics outside of their normal sphere. According to a survey by Hays, 33 per cent of Singaporeans found personal networking, including referrals or word of mouth, to be the most successful way to find a new job.

Stand out from the crowd

Employees who are looking to move up from their current position will benefit from having a diverse set of skills that will help them stand out from other jobseekers.

Be ready for what’s next

Singapore’s economy and markets are changing rapidly, becoming a lifelong learner enables you to be adaptable and stay ahead of these changes.


As employees, you can future-proof your careers by constantly seeking to deepen your skills, knowledge and experiences beyond your current qualifications and expertise. This also helps you master skills and remain relevant in your field of work, on top of personal growth.

The SkillsFuture scheme helps Singaporeans defray the costs of a wide array of approved training courses. Encouragingly, this scheme has been particularly popular with older workers. According to a report released by SkillsFuture Singapore, more than 100,000 Singaporeans have taken advantage of the SkillsFuture credit scheme since it was introduced in January 2016. About 63 per cent of those who used the credit scheme were older workers aged 40 and above.

SkillsFuture offers a SkillsFuture Series programme where you can find industry-relevant courses which focuses on emerging skills. If you would like to be part of an entirely new industry, there are eight different categories that you can choose from. The various degree of difficulty of training that the SkillsFuture Series provides makes it suitable for anyone within the spectrum of industry-knowledge.

If you would like help discovering more about your personal strengths and receive guidance on how to develop your career, SkillsFuture Advice (SFA) is a community outreach initiative that provides various resources and tools for career planning and skills upgrading.

Under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy, Singapore workers aged 40 and above will enjoy a minimum of 90 per cent course fee subsidy should they apply for WDA-funded courses at the diploma, post-diploma and undergraduate degree level. A range of flexible, modular and bite-sized learning options will also be introduced. This provides mid-career professionals with more options to acquire relevant skills.

Programmes & Resources

Continuing Education Training (CET) Centres

SkillsFuture Singapore has set up CET centres to provide quality adult training. These centres offer an array of WSQ courses as well as other additional services.

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SkillsFuture Singapore - Mid-career employees

Employees and jobseekers above the age of 40 can enjoy an array of training programmes, advisory services, subsidies and awards. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Programmes for Mid-career individuals
National Silver Academy

Comprising a network of course providers, the National Silver Academy (NSA) offers seniors aged 50 and above a range of learning opportunities, such as short courses, exam-free modules and ad hoc learning opportunities.

Programmes for Mid-career individuals
Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

WSQ trains, develops, assesses and recognises individuals for the skills that companies are looking for. It aims to bring forward an affordable way to upgrade your skills to help you take change of your own career.

View Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications