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Getting Employment-ready

For Employees

Enhancing Employability


As Singapore’s workforce continues to age, forward-looking organisations have already started to put in place systems and processes to leverage the strength and potential of older workers, to help them remain in the workforce.

To complement their efforts, forward-looking older workers need to continue upskilling and enhancing their employability, so as to be future-ready.

Ways to Enhance Employability


As a mature jobseeker having been in the workforce for many years, you are likely to have acquired years of experience and skills. With technological advancements reshaping the world in which we live and work, some of these experience and skills may inevitably become irrelevant at the workplace. Take some time to review the experience, knowledge and skills accumulated over the years, as well as any aspects you would like to improve on.

There might be gaps between the skills you have and what the employer seeks. Fill those gaps with meaningful training programmes. For example, most jobs today have taken on a heightened technological profile in the digital age. Taking up a course on a technology that is most valued in your target field can greatly enhance your employability.

While employers pledge to carry out fair hiring practices, it is equally important that you take the initiative to upskill and be accountable for your own employability as well.

Attitudes & Expectations
Attitudes & Expectations

Having the requisite skills and qualifications for the job is only one aspect of a successful job hunt. In addition to upskilling, there is also a need for a positive and flexible mindset that is open to new work opportunities and change.