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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Consultants & Service Providers

Beyond Age Pte Ltd

Contact Dr Helen Ko, Executive Director
9831 0353
Services Talks/workshops for employers/managers/supervisors on effective management, counselling, coaching, mentoring and training of mature employees, based on proven, locally developed research models, pre-retirement and re-employment counselling training programmes for management staff; training programmes to equip mature employees with the key competencies to become mentors to less experienced staff; group coaching of mature employees to promote their continuous professional development/growth to maintain their employability, and/or to transit satisfactorily into retirement eventually.

Silver Spring Private Limited

Contact Ms Helen Lim, CEO and Founder
9621 7880
Services Licensed employment agency with dedicated consultants to support unemployed PMEs to search for employment, re-career planning, entrepreneurship pursuits; advocates and provides training on fair age management practices at workplace, workplace consultancies on job redesign, diversity and inclusion; outplacement services/career coaching.