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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

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Hiring the silver generation

Hiring The Silver Generation

Both employers and employees must confront the reality of Singapore’s ageing workforce. To stay ahead of the changes in the employment landscape, job seekers must develop the relevant attitude and job skills. At the same time, progressive employers must become even better at tapping on mature talent to gain a competitive edge.

Learn about what can make or break the successful employment of mature job seekers. Whether you’re an employer or mature job seeker, find recommendations on how you can both benefit from sustainable and effective employment.

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Leading practices for managing mature employees

Leading Practices For Managing Mature Employees

New trends and challenges are emerging as Singapore’s workforce ages and more employees work beyond the traditional employment age. Learn from leading practices of other organisations and their recommendations, and turn the challenge of an ageing population into an opportunity.

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The value of mature workers to Singapore organisations

The Value Of Mature Workers To Singapore Organisations

How do people perceive mature workers? Most employers (96 per cent) value the knowledge and skills of mature workers, 86 per cent believe mature workers are more loyal and committed, and 84 per cent say mature workers have a stronger work ethic.

Find out more about employer’s attitudes towards mature workers and the benefits these workers bring to businesses in The Value of Mature Workers to Organisations in Singapore.

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