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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources


Age Management Toolkit

This Age Management Toolkit aims to provide employers with the necessary knowledge and tools to introduce and facilitate the adoption of Age Management practices at their workplace. This toolkit will cover a range of topics from recruitment and performance management to well-being programmes. It is a guide for employers to take a holistic approach towards Age Management.

Click here to download the Age Management Toolkit

Job Redesign Toolkit

To successfully manage your multi-generational workforce, you will first need to carefully evaluate your existing HR policies and systems to ensure it meets the needs of diverse groups of employees. It is also important to be flexible when introducing changes. Show that you welcome the challenges and opportunities that come with having a multi-generational workforce.

Apart from examining your rules and regulations, you should also take a look at the job roles of your employees to find areas where they can grow. You should also redesign job roles where necessary, to meet the needs of your employees and your organisation.

Employers who wish to relook their work practices to accommodate an ageing workforce can benefit from WorkPro’s Job Redesign Grant. This grant provides funding support so you can create physically easier, safer and smarter jobs for older workers aged 50 years and above.

Not sure how to get started on job redesign? Refer to the Job Redesign Toolkit below:

  1. Why Job Redesign?
  2. How to Perform Job Redesign?
  3. Getting Started
Click here to download the Job Redesign Toolkit